Hi, I'm Adam. I'm an awesome husband and even better dad. (That's my opinion, not my wife's) I like to hang out at home, watch Netflix, sit in the backyard or fix stuff in the garage. Your best bet is to try the garage first.

   By now you've probably looked at my site and have seen what I love to do. I photographed my first wedding at 16 years old and have even shot multiple weddings in New Zealand and beyond. I love stepping back and letting things happen naturally, I don't mind going through tons of cuddly and kissy photos.

  You will always see me try to push the boundaries and try new things to get that right image. Every client is different, which is why I thoroughly help each client with their timelines and make sure they get the best bang for their buck. 
   I strive to not only be your photographer but, also your best friend. I will laugh with you, ugly cry at your vows with you and by the end of the night, be out on the dance floor with you.


   If I sound like the person you'd love by your side, documenting your day, send me a message via my Contact page and let's grab a coffee and chat!


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